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Oct 26, 2012 - 11:31:33 PM

Mandatory Evacuation Ordered in Wait for Hurricane 'Sandy'

By Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media
Oct 26, 2012 - 11:25:41 PM


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With a storm of historic proportions headed toward the Jersey Shore, a mandatory evacuation of the barrier islands was issued late Friday by the Cape May County Office of Emergency Management. The county announced a voluntary evacuation Saturday before it becomes mandatory Sunday.

Hurricane Sandy is predicted to make landfall Tuesday between Ocean City, Md., and Ocean City, N.J., could bring record-setting floods and extended power outages to the area as it is on a collision course with a winter storm. Variously called "Frankenstorm," "the Halloween Hurricane" and "a nor'easter on steroids" by national weather forecasters, the hybrid storm is predicted to linger through as many as eight high tides while a high pressure system to the north holds it in place.

Some have speculated a contributor to this late outburst of hurricane activity is submarine volcanoes heating the oceans. As a result, a thermal influence affects the atmosphere which includes jet streams and ocean currents. Further speculation suggest it is a weakened magnetic field allows charged particles to enter the atmosphere and has on the Earth's core.

While New Jersey is generally spared by hurricanes, forecasters say the state will not escape this one as the jet stream is acting to pull Sandy toward the coast. No forecast models predict Sandy will turn out to sea.

Heavy rains, high winds and major coastal flooding will accompany the storm, which will turn from a hurricane to a nor'easter after it comes ashore - preventing it from weakening as a hurricane usually would upon making landfall.

"We have been tracking the storm since early in the week along with county and state emergency management officials," city business administrator Mike Dattilo said Friday. "The largest preparatory measures have been on the beach where DPW has been harvesting sand all week to bolster those areas most vulnerable."

The Department of Public Works, which piled up sand around Waverly Boulevard on the north end of the island and between 55th and 58th streets in the south end on Thursday, continued shoring up the beaches by blocking access paths along the Boardwalk on Friday. A double line of sand was mounded at the access to 23rd Street.

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