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August 19, 2003
Vatican Experienced Blackout August 18th

The first story was published in Italy, early in the morning of the 18th. The second story only appears to be in US publications today.

Story 1

Agency EFE
Unknown event leaves Basilica of the Vatican without light. The Basilica of St. Peter, in the City of the Vatican, suffered yesterday, sunday, a blackout and its façade presented an uncommon image to the night, for still unknown causes.

Government officials did not divulge information on the blackout. The famous cupola of Miguel Angel appeared in the penumbra, as well as the façade.

In accordance with police sources, the cause of the blackout can have been a problem technician of one of the central offices that supply the Vatican State, since in the bordering quarters it did not have interruptions in the energy supply.

Story 2

Vatican City-AP -- There was something missing from Rome's skyline last night.

The lights atop St. Peter's Basilica went out. And that left tourists wondering if Vatican City had suffered a power outage.

Utility company officials said today that a computer problem at the Vatican was the culprit.

Rome's electric company put in lights atop the basilica in 200, after it had been scrubbed clean of centuries of grime for the Vatican's millennium celebrations.

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