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Jan 1, 2013 - 2:33:17 PM

Happy New Year or It's Just Another Day

By Earth Changes Media
Jan 1, 2013 - 2:14:13 PM


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Here's wishing you - and all who know you the very best of a New Year, a New Beginning/End, and a New Calendar. There are basically two views at this time of year. Those who make resolutions with various versions of a fresh start. Then there are those who view this time as "just another day." I see great value in both perspectives.

Remember, we are all individuals on a unique personal journey. However, we are all related in ways we know and many ways we don't quite understand. Also remember, our ancient ancestors as well as those who are just 2 or 3 generations past - were related in ways we in the United States of America are not too familiar with. It is not a culture of one people, one tribe, one community. I am not implying it is bad, just different - and many would say it is better. Only those at the age of 110+ remember the USA is an "experiment". We are by far the youngest kid on the block and some would say the results are still inconclusive as to its success. Yet others are perfectly clear it is a success.

The United States is now 237 year old as a communal culture - China, India, and Middle East are over 10,000 years old each as its independent collective culture. This is easy math to see the difference in depth as it comes to customs and tradition. But remember, the ancient Americas (north, central, south) have been inhabited by indigenous tribes who have also been around for over 10,000 years. Just as the US civil war of the 1860's between the North and South, many tribes of the ancient Americas were at war - yet they too had a common bond of understanding. When you view their individual ancient text, you quickly see the Maya shared an understanding with the Aztecs - as did the Toltec, Hopi, Anasazi (Navaho), and north to Canada with the Shuswap in the west to the Chippewas in the east.

Those of you who have traveled parts of the non-western world know what I speak of. It is almost impossible to become an Indian (India) if you are not an Indian (India). Same for Arab, Japanese, Persian, or Mayan etc. Those who have been there know you may be with them, but you are not of them. Science suggest we as a human species are 'hard wired' via genetics which brings with it characteristics we are born with. Science also suggest we as a human species have the ability of thought, to discern what is right and wrong for us as an individual. This is best known as the theory of Nature vs Nurture. Genetics vs Learned Beliefs.

What's my point

The Mayan calendar and the sacred books of Popol Vuh and Chilam Balam certainly has its scientific foundation, but I would surmise the Maya would interpret its meaning in ways unique to Mayan ancestry. Having said this, I would suggest there are several examples of good and healthy innovations which derived from a person or group which had "mis-interpreted" their cultural norm or mores. Out of this came a new became a new understanding - a associated (or unassociated) truth. From this "change" (or evolution) was born.

A word that describes part of the message in this article is "expectation". We as a modern culture love to know what's around the corner - what it looks like and what can we 'expect'. Actually, that is a big part of what Earth Changes Media provides. Although we take humble pride in our ability to bring you hard factual data from both the scientific world and the ancient ancestry dimension - we hope to stop just short of telling you its 'meaning'. For example: I can describe for you what the latest scientific findings tell us of the Galaxy-Sun-Earth-Human connection and how it matches what our ancestors have passed down and what is likely to tangibly occur - but I hope to not project "what it means".

When I do venture into this area, I almost always make a statement like: "What I am about to tell you is conjecture. It is important to follow 'your' truth - not mine or anyone else. Seek and you shall find. Find what? Your Truth. Use your gift of discernment, and for those of which it applies, use your learned skill of "critical thinking".

It is also common to have a 'shared' truth. Although it is shared, it is still your truth. This is where sub-cultures may apply. For example, we could have a common bond of heritage i.e., Thai, Chilean, Samoan, Brazilian etc. - but have a shared understanding, shared truth, shared vision which is unsubordinated to your cultural mores. To use another example I hope we all share is Earth Changes Media itself. Those who have a serious interest in what ECM provides come here from all over the world - 84 countries to be exact. We may have vast differences in our ways of interacting in our *tribes, but we may share a common truth and interest. What the "meaning" of information provided will most likely be formed from our unique tribal ancestry. We may share that earth changing events are factually escalating and have been accurately predicted by documents (petroglyphs, hieroglyphs, Sanskrit, calendars etc.) passed down from one generation to another - but 'what it means' may vary. *Definition of 'Tribe': Any aggregate of people united by ties of descent from a common ancestor, community of customs and traditions.

My belief (or meaning) of coming earth changing events which will affect us all - is they are here to help in our transition. Change can be very difficult, and sometimes we need a little help. I believe it was Winston Churchill who once said: "Funny about you Americans [as unruly as you are] - you seem to be at your best when things are at their worst." Having worked first hand with FEMA and the Red Cross when disaster strikes - I can tell you this firmly, Churchill was right. Not only Americans but with all people of the world. When it is an outside source which caused the tragedy, people come together sometimes appearing as if they had an alter-personality. This is far different than an intentional affliction caused by man's hand such as war and terrorism.

This is my truth. However, there are many who believe current and escalating earth changing events are here to 'punish' us. They believe it is our fault as a result of behavior and beliefs, and that we need to be scolded or even perish for our sins. A lighter note might be - we need to be disciplined for making wrong choices in our life.

What is the truth of these distinct differences? Only you can answer this question.....

So again, have the best of a New Year, a new beginning/end as of this day - or best to you on "just another day."

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